How to Apply Perfume Correctly

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After putting a lot of thought and money into buying your bottles of perfume and building your fragrance collection, your next focus should be making them last longer.

This involves making your favorite scents last longer whenever you wear them and prolonging the life and potency of your fragrance collection so that you get the most out of your investments.

When you know the right steps and tips for prolonging your scent, you can smell great throughout the day or night without re-applying your perfume often. You can also save more sprays and hold on to your bottles of fragrances longer.

Prolonging your perfume collection’s quality means you can enjoy wearing your favorite scent up to the last drop in the bottle.  

All these mean you can get more out of the money you spend buying your valuable fragrances.


Tips for Making Your Fragrance Last Longer

Below are some of the best tips you can follow to ensure your long-lasting perfume lives up to its name and prolong your scent all day or night:

1. Apply perfume after taking a bath or shower.

The first step to prolonging your scent is applying it after taking a bath or shower.

Taking a hot shower or bath opens your pores, making it easier for your skin to absorb the perfume.

As such, make it a habit to apply your fragrance immediately after toweling off, while your skin is still damp.

2. Moisturize before applying your fragrance.

Another must-know tip about how to make perfumes last longer is to apply moisturizer before spritzing or dabbing on your fragrance.

Perfume usually evaporates faster on dry skin. You can avoid this by applying a light coat of unscented lotion or petroleum jelly all over your body, particularly your pulse points, before spraying on your scent.

Aside from keeping your skin soft and supple, your moisturizer gives the perfume oils something to stick to, ensuring your scent lasts longer.

3. Dab perfume on your pulse points.

Pulse points are the areas on your body where the veins flow close to the skin and emit heat. Because of these reasons, these spots are naturally warm and moist and help develop and release scent faster.

The common pulse spots to dab on perfume are the neck, cleavage and wrists.

The insides of your elbows are also pulse points, so spritz some on these areas for a more pronounced, long-lasting scent.

4. Avoid rubbing perfume on your skin.

Although you need to apply perfume directly on your skin to prolong your sprayed-on fragrance, do not rub it on these areas.

Avoid rubbing your wrist as well whenever you dab on your scent of the day.

When you rub perfume instead of dabbing it on your skin, the top notes fade and dry out faster. As a result, your fragrance will evaporate quickly and you’ll need to spritz it on again to have an incredible smell that stands out.

5. Spritz some perfume on your clothes.

If you’re wearing clothes that do not stain easily, spray your top or outerwear with perfume, too.

Clothing fiber can hold in scents for a long time. Because of this, you’ll smell great for several hours.

However, keep in mind that fragrance interacts with fabrics differently than with skin. As such, your perfume may smell lighter or slightly different when you spray it on your clothes.

And as mentioned, spray perfume only on clothes that do not stain easily. You’ll have a difficult time removing fragrance oil and other ingredients on silk and other delicate fabrics.


Tips for Getting More Out of Your Perfume Collection

Even if you have the best long-lasting perfume for women, they won’t retain their scent and quality if you don’t store and care for them correctly.

Below are some tips for getting more out of your perfumes and maintaining and prolonging their fragrance and good quality:

1. Choose a perfume with ingredients that contribute to a long-lasting scent.

Buying the right perfume with ingredients that make its scent last long is important for having a great fragrance collection.

Some ingredients that make fragrances last long include:

  • Oud

Natural and synthetic ouds are characterized by deep, rich, and lingering scents. It is widely used as a base note for fragrances, including the best perfumes for men that last long since its oil clings to skin and fabrics.

  • Sandalwood

This ingredient has a milky, creamy and rich oriental woody note with a pleasant lingering scent. It is often blended with and used as a base note for floral, citrus and woody fragrances.

  • Jasmine

This white flower is one of the most popular ingredients used in perfumery and the best floral perfumes. It amplifies the intensity of fragrances and adds notes of opulence and sensuality.

  • Lavender

Lavender is a plant with different varieties that boast a combination of delicate floral, herbal, and woody scents. It adds a distinctive fragrance that makes perfumes linger and stand out.  

When your perfume has one or more of these ingredients, you can be sure they can last long, even if you don’t use them often.

2. Store your fragrances properly.

Storing your perfumes correctly can help you maintain their scents longer.

Perfumes exposed to sunlight and stored in hot and damp places tend to have their alcohol and water content evaporate faster. Because of this, their scent and quality will be compromised.

With these in mind, keeping your fragrances in the bathroom is not a good idea. Storing them in a dark, dry and cool place, such as your closet or a cabinet, is your best option.

3. Keep your perfume bottles tightly closed.

After using your perfume, put its cap or cover back on properly. Leaving it uncovered, even slightly, can affect the mixture’s balance and activate its evaporation.

Never leave your perfume bottles uncovered even for just several minutes.

You can also maintain and prolong your fragrances’ quality by keeping them in their original boxes.

When you want to smell great for hours, follow these tips for applying and maintaining your perfumes.

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