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Our journey started when we noticed how fragrances have always been part of the Arab world culture, with many perfume rituals endorsed at our homes. But most of these fragrances represent western culture, celebrations, and significant dates, with a few options representing our own Arab culture and celebrations.

How to fill in this gap? We were wondering. So, we decided to fill in the gap in the market and redefine the fragrance world by presenting Emirates Pride to the Arab world in particular and the international audience in general, with fragrances and perfumes speaking directly to and about them. From Bakhour and Dekhouns, oriental perfumes and Oud fragrances, to Eid and Rehat Eid collection to celebrate the most prominent celebration in Arab and Muslim culture. 

With this in mind, Emirates pride opened its first branch in 2011 in Dubai, focusing on building a unique experience for its customers through imports and exports as a manufacturer of oil fragrances using the finest raw materials from around the globe. Soon to be synonymous with authentic and distinctive perfumes. Today, Emirates Pride has more than 45 products accompanied by natural elegance and richness, bearing our label with pride.

With a great vision in mind to become the most distinguished perfume company in the Middle East, Emirates Pride thrives every day to take its vision forward through excellence in the creation, exclusive product lines, and high value for customers.

Every product in our range matches the meticulous standards decreed by the most discerning of customers. We are the makers of a superior selection of aroma solutions, such as Arabic perfumes, body and hair mists, Dekhouns, Oud, and gift items.

Along with Flagship stores and sumptuous stores all over the GCC, we market and serve customers around the globe with our e-commerce facility. Keeping the global customer in mind, our perfumes and aromatic products uphold the highest quality rising from the finest materials and consummate craftsmanship, yet making them available at a reasonable price.

We seek to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and bestow you with a truly artisan perfume experience by delivering excellence in every product. Because we firmly believe that consistency in excellence creates loyal patrons.

Starting with a humble beginning, today Emirates Pride’s perfumes are a proud brand that carries a legacy driven by creativity and innovation, which is a timeless, yet contemporary take on antiquity, bottled with elegance.



Emirates Pride’s vision is to become the most distinguished perfume company in the Middle East through excellence in the creation and exclusiveness of high-quality product lines and high-value perfumes for customers.



Our mission is to create unique fragrances that are individualistic and innovative: products that go beyond delighting customers and induce a sense of pride in them.



From products to packaging, all our fragrances have been conceived, developed, and created in-house, a fact we are proud of. From raw materials to packaging, our sources are some of the best in the world, renowned and approved for quality.

Using highly advanced quality control equipment, we ensure that the blends conform to internationally recognized standards. In addition, we source glass bottles from renowned manufacturers to keep our packaging per global standards.

The process is intensive, but we strive to deliver superior service to enhance our customer experience.



We have built and maintained a global workforce mirroring our customer base – employing a diverse group of people. From different backgrounds to a vast range of skills and experience, our team is all connected by a shared sense of culture.

The founders and the staff are the families of Emirates Pride Perfumes. Thus, we work hard to provide our employees with every opportunity to utilize their full potential since they are crucial to our success.

Emirates Pride has become a leading Emirati Perfume company only because our team identifies and lives up to opportunities to be innovative. Forming strategic partnerships, developing customized programs with trade, and finding new ways to reach consumers are just a few ways that make us successful.

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