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Make This Holiday Season Special with Emirates Pride Holiday Set

Put a Smile on your loved ones’ Faces this Holiday season!


The remarkable festive season is here, and Emirates Pride is making it extra special this year with its new Holiday Sets. Emirates pride is offering seven different Holiday Sets, each has its distinctive fragrance which beautifully combines together the finest raw materials from around the globe. The Sets cater for all tastes so that you can easily find the suitable fragrance for your loved one.

Not only will the Sets add joy to the season with their enchanting aromas, but they are also available at discounted prices for everyone to enjoy.


The details of the holiday sets are as follows:


· The Hidden Leather Set consists of the Hidden Leather fragrance, Hair Mist, Dakhoon Al Emarat, Lighter, Charcoal, Medkhan and Picker for only 890 AED instead of 1220 AED. The Hidden Leather perfume is a floral fragrance that combines Gardenia and Bulgarian Rose with Vanilla and leather.


· The Meydan set brings together the Meydan Perfume, Oud Meydan, Lighter, charcoal, Medkhan, Picker and Discovery set for only 850 AED instead of 1200 AED. Meydan is an oriental perfume with bergamot, Belgarian Rose and Leather as its ingredients.


· The Jasmine Bel Musk Set includes Jasmine Bel Musk, Maroon Hair Mist, Dakhoon Marasim, Lighter, Scentastic No.4 Oil, and Discovery set for only 790 AED instead of 1125 AED. The Jasmine Bel Musk perfume is a fusion of Jasmine, musk and agarwood.


· The Ambergris set consists of Ambergris Perfume, White Hair Mist, Amiri Oud, Lighter, Charcoal, Medkhan and Picker for only 890 AED instead of 1235 AED. Discover the smells of fresh Ambergris, leather combined with mandarin with the Ambergris fragrance.


· The Firewood set includes Firewood, Caballo White, White Oil, Dakhoon Al Emarat, Charcoal and Lighter for only 850 AED instead of 1175 AED. This set groups two wonderful aromas, Firewood and Caballo While. Firewood is a woody fragrance consisting of Saffron, Jasmine, Cedarwood and tobacco. Caballo While is refreshing with its components of lemon, Iris and agarwood.


· The Bergamot set blends Bergamot bel amber, White Hair Mist, Dakhoon Retaj, Medkhan, Lighter, Charcoal for only 890 AED instead of 1205 AED. Bergamot bel amber blends bergamot and amber together with a touch of Oud.


· The Dahn al Oud set includes Caballo Maroon, Scentastic No. 4, Dakhoon Retaj, Discovery set and Sufi Khas for 1000 AED instead of 1375 AED. Scentastic No. 4 is a floral musky fragrance from Turkish Rose, Egyptian Jasmine and agarwood. The distinctive Caballo Maroon combines vanilla, patchouli and agarwood.

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