Emirates Pride’s Top Picks for the Winter are here!

We said our goodbyes to the hot Summer nights, and we are now welcoming the cold Winter days. Winter weather calls for bold strong scents that will lasts longer and brighten up the season. That’s why we are giving you our top picks for Winter perfumes that are a delight to wear in this beautiful season.


1. Firewood

Part of the “Rehat Eid” Collection, its main composition is the burning Bakhoor, an oriental rich scent that will remind you of the familiar aroma of our homes on a Friday. The top note is saffron which gives a soft smell combined with cedar wood and tobacco for the woody effect. If you are an oriental perfume lover, this is your go-to scent.


2. Mystery

A spicy woody fragrance with pridewood, an exclusively special ingredient produced only by Emirates Pride. A beautiful blend suitable for Winter nights, perfect for both women and men. The saffron as a top note gives a soft and intimate touch while the Vetiver as the base adds elegance and style to this warm aroma.


3. Meydan

A fragrance inspired by the world of horses and racetracks. Named after the Meydan Hotel in Dubai in which it was launched. It playfully mixes between different ingredients such as the evocative bergamot as the top note with the Bulgarian rose, saffron and Egyptian jasmine as the heart of this fragrance.



4. Ambergris


Launched to commemorate the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed (may God rest his soul), Amber in particular was chosen as the base to this fragrance since it was one of his favorite scents. The top note of this perfume is mandarin while we find the smell of luxurious leather at the heart, then all these ingredients blend with the finest types of amber.

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