Two New Fragrances Join the Emirates Pride Sophisticated Scents

Models holding Emirates Pride Caballo Rouge and Navy perfumes

Emirates Pride launches two new fragrances in the Caballo collection, Caballo Navy and Caballo Rouge. The Caballo collection, Spanish for ‘Horse’, promotes power and strength and aims at taking you on a journey of the senses on which you have never been before. The new scents are dreamy yet edgy, they evoke a sense of nostalgia and, similar to the other Caballo collection fragrances, will send you away in a journey to new worlds.

Introducing Caballo Navy, an irresistible fragrance with vigorous ingredients. The Top note is the bold evocative bergamot which creates a sense of confidence, then the airy violet rose comes in the heart of this fragrance to create a balance. This combination is made perfect with the strong intoxicating scents of patchouli and saffron as the base notes.

Caballo Navy

Caballo Rouge might not be as intense as Caballo Navy but it is not any less captivating. The top note is orange blossom which gives a whiff of fresh air. The Amazingly refreshing scent of this fragrance lies in the delicate floral scent of jasmine along with the sweet comforting vanilla as the heart and base notes.

Caballo Rouge

Caballo Navy and Caballo Rouge are available in all Emirates Pride stores starting from November 20th, 2020, with each priced at 345 AED.

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  1. Hi, that’s wonderful news and I must admit that these fragrances are phenomenal. Their scent provides a long-lasting impression on others. These fragrances are a perfect addition for everyone.

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