The Festive Scents for Winter

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Delivering small joys everywhere, winter arrives sooner than we expect with images and scents of home cooking, winter markets, cracking log fires, snow-capped mountains, and ballets of snowflakes. Regarding the best winter with festive vibe perfumes, we lean towards crispy scents and deep florals with a fruity pinch for more of a luxe scent profile.

Designed to capture the beauty of winter, gifting, joy, and festive mood, we majestically wrap you with the scents that lead with the deep contrasting hue of Red. Here’s an overview of Emirates Pride Perfumes Winter Collections that swaps your holiday season more special with the addition of its warm, comforting, and intense fragrances.

red roses covered in snow

Mysterious Rose:

Imagine yourself in the snow-filled Bulgarian mountains, surrounded by drops of water oozing from the most fragrant and beautiful Rosa Centifolia (Bulgarian Rose) petals, which envelop the refreshing smell of winter air with a floral touch.

mysterious rose

In each spritz, Mysterious Rose makes you feel this with its floral-woody fragrance composed of the sweet and nectareous Velvet Peach at the top note, Bulgarian Rose at the heart, and the rich woody profile of Leather and Incense. Making it a lasting and unforgettable fragrance, this astounding winter perfume by Hamid Merati Kashani reflects the new awakening and feelings of joy.

maroon intense

Maroon Intense:

A contrasting journey of the senses through tradition and innovation, Maroon Intense promises you a bold and atypical fragrance that benefits all generations. It’s an oriental fragrance leading from the warm note of Vanilla to a fresh earthy sense of Patchouli and a symphony of the precious woody aroma of Agarwood and Leather. Soft and rich, this woody accord astonishes you with its luminous imprint and enduring comfort.

caballo maroon

Caballo Maroon:

An ideal olfactory combination to make your nose travel by warming yourself with a perfume that rhymes winter in every spritz. Caballo Maroon is a delicate combination of sweet, soft, and sensual, that adds a little glowing delight to your festive mood. Revealing the sweet nuances of Vanilla associated with the robust and musky accord of Patchouli, along with the woody aroma of Agarwood leads you to sheer joy.

caballo rough

Caballo Rouge:

An erratic fusion of Orange blossom, Rose, Jasmine, and Vanilla – Caballo Rouge blooms you in your joyous moments and makes your wish come true with its alluring aroma. This intimate and discreet scent deposits its fresh floral caress on your skin and seduces your nose. Like an olfactory stroll in a fragrant and oriental alley of the winter market, this perfume created by Hamid Merati Kashani mesmerizes you in its world.

perfume gifts emirates pride

From our palette of exquisitely simple and beautifully crafted scents, explore a curated selection of our most-loved fragrant treats that inspires you to find the perfect artistry for scented gifts, daily indulgences, and new winter rituals.

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