A scent that takes you to the land of Cherry Blossoms

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Welcoming the lightness of spring from March to mid-April, the pure and transient bloom of cherry blossoms became an iconic feature of Japan’s splendour. A beauty that is simple and majestic, the subtle scent of the Japanese Cherry Blossom paints the landscape as pale, delicate pink canopies. Despite falling off as soon as they open, it captures the imagination of poets and nature lovers all over. To contemplate, the cherry blossom reflects beauty and morality, the passing of time, and the power of subtle things.

cherry blossom

Adding an ethereal veil of softly charming fresh airiness, we invite you to explore this pretty ingredient in our fragrance, ‘Sakura.’

Sakura is a sophisticated interpretation of Cherry Blossom. It promises a whirlwind of pink petals and poetry as a tenacious snowdrop. This is the lightness of the spring with pure and transient subtle layers of cherry blossoms. Weaving a layer of floral gourmand around, the fragrance lifts you to the remarkable beauty of Japan, where you wish you could be.

cherry blossom

Uplifting you to mark the world by creating an artistic composition, Sakura strikes a balance between softness and graceful vivacity. Lingering on the skin with a sense of enchantment, it captures both accuracy and artistry.

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Starting from a strong floral aroma that is sweet, with slight undertones of zesty and green accords, Gardenia is crowned as the top note. With a fantasy floral note of light fresh blooms, the cherry blossom in the heart revives the mood and adds liveliness to the composition. Awakening confidence with a long-lasting light touch of White Musk, the fragrance lingers in depth and warmth. The beauty and simplicity of this freshness are reflected and tailored by the mesmerizing perfumer Nanako Oggi with its true explosion of life.

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Crafting a unique tale on every skin, Sakura embraces the power of oneness with an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance. As a perfect representation of refinement and luxury, it infuses the scent with incomparable longevity and profundity that will carry off boundless happiness and delight upon wearing.

Inspired by the fusion of artistry and storytelling, Sakura ignites you for joy, harmony, and appeal in a sumptuous sensory experience and elegance.

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